A downloadable game for Windows

Viking Soccer was developed in July 2019 as a collaboration between Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS)Abertay University, and students from Perfect World, Beijing.

The game is a player-versus-player arena-sports game in which players try to move a

ball into the opposition’s goal to score points. Players move forwards automatically in a steady motion to simulate the notion of ice-skating, while they also have the ability to kick the ball or the player to gain a competitive advantage.

To donate to CHAS, please visit chas.org.uk/donate.


Download Game Files 24 MB


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Cool concept, but the characters are quite hard to control. Maybe making the goals bigger would help, because it's difficult to aim where the ball goes.


Thanks for comment. We designed to make it harder to control, we think it's more interesting and likely they are on ice.

Size of the goals is right, it is too small now

Thank you~

Thanks for comment. Like my teammate said the main reason of it is that we want to limit the advantage of normal people and try to make a more fair space for disabled people. It may help them to enjoy the happiness of sport. 

Size of the goals is right, it is too small, we will change it.